Vision and Mission of PCM

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Vision and Mission of PCM


The why of this MISSION

In the cause of my home visitation and interactions, I discovered that many elderly people are in their homes were undergoing through a lot of hard times and abuses, no proper care and many were dying without spiritual attention. Good numbers have passed on with lots of regret.

The most painful aspect is that some of these elderly ones have children but because some lack the basic knowledge of how to care for such group of people, they watch them die helplessly. It is my wish to assist them in ageing gracefully and to pass on happily through the grace of God.

It’s all about visiting these elderly people in their various homes and finding out areas of need and assisting them both spiritually, morally, socially, physically etc. In short, it’s about total wellness.



Vision: To console the sorrowful Hearts of Jesus and Mary and to cover the nakedness of Christ.


Mission: To assist the aged in their homes so as to improve on their quality of life thereby helping them to experiencing happy death and to inculcate in the needy street children the

Motivational Biblical passages:

Luke 1: 36 & 39: “Blessed mother Mary on hearing that her cousin Elizabeth was                                     pregnant she went to assist her without any hesitation”


Matt: 25 verse 35-36:“I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me to drink, I was a          stranger and you received me in your home; naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and          you took care of Me, in prison and you visited Me”






Implementation: For the effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out this mission, the under- listed MUST be a sine qua no;

ü  Prayer:  I shall always anchor this mission on God through prayer. Prayer must be said privately and publicly with those visited.


ü  Presence/Availability: This is very important. My presence gives them hope of living and joy that strengthens them in their old age for they need company.


ü  Commitment: For me to keep enjoying this apostolate, I must be committed to it by creating skills of making them happy and comfortable within my reach.


ü  Charity: This apostolate is completely charity oriented. Charity this time is not about monetary or material needs, though very crucial but I believe that the charity involves more of care; that is, bathing them, taking them to hospital, washing of their cloths, making sure that the environment is clean, conducive, providing good food and shelter when possible.

ü  Humility: For a credible and effective work, humility is of paramount virtue which when imbibed makes the work easier.


ü  The act of listening carefully: In conjunction with presence, I must pay keen attention to them and listen to their complaints and challenges. With this, I can then encourage and pray with them in accordance to their intentions and most importantly I shall try to give them hope of living since death is a threat.


ü  Play and cheerfulness: cheerful heart dispels sorrow: one of the gifts this people desire is a hopeful smiles. I must look good and cheerful all the time with them. I shall make bring up activities that will engage them to laughing, singing, dancing and playing away their sorrows. In summary therefore, this apostolate needs prayers, presence, punctuality, persistence, play and perseverance.

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