Vision. Mission. Values

By Web Admin on Tuesday May 25, 2021 16:54 pm

Vision. Mission. Values



All Nigeria child will live purposeful lives through growing up in nurturing families and supportive communities.



Prevent The Nigeria Child From all forms of Abuse And  supports the development of safe, stable, nurturing relationships for children in their families and communities to prevent child abuse and neglect.


We believe every child deserves a safe, nurturing, healthy home environment.


We believe parents with effective parenting skills, support and resources create strong families and healthy, happy children.


We believe adults have an obligation to help, care for and invest in children.


We believe all families deserve our honor and respect.


We believe strategies to assist families should be innovative, tested by science and research, and have high and positive impact.


We believe solutions are most effective when they are operated with state and local partners in a collaborative relationship with sustainable support.


We believe investment in safe, nurturing relationships and positive futures for children is essential for Nigeria prosperity.


We believe SAVE AND SECURE THE CHILD INITIATIVE has an obligation to be true to our values, professional, accountable, and transparent. 


















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